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Ventura Veterans’ Court Defense Attorney

Veterans Court

California Penal Code 1001, 1001.8, 1170.9, and 1170.91

Are you a veteran who is being prosecuted in a criminal matter? If so, you may be eligible to receive certain benefits in Veterans Court. Veterans Court is a special court that hears certain criminal cases in which the defendant is active-duty or a veteran of the United States Military. In 2010 judges at the Ventura Superior Court established a Veterans Intervention Program in Ventura County to address the needs of the veterans who end up in the criminal justice system.

Men and women who are currently enlisted or have served in the United States Military and are being charged with a misdemeanor or certain felonies in criminal court may qualify to have their case moved to Veterans Court. Combat deployment or honorable discharge is not a requirement.

As a result of their military service defendants (may be) suffering from:

  1. sexual trauma
  2. traumatic brain injury
  3. post-traumatic stress disorder
  4. substance abuse or,
  5. mental health problems

If you are accepted into Veterans Court and successfully complete the program:

a) your records will be expunged

b) you cannot be denied employment, benefit, license, or certificate

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