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Ventura Sexual Abuse Victim Attorneys

Understanding the Effects of Sexual Abuse

Our Attorneys are Committed to Protecting Victims

At The Law Offices of Bamieh & Erickson, PLC, our Ventura injury lawyers are loyal to the cause of promoting the rights, interests, and well-being of our clients. Acts of sexual abuse, no matter how minor or major, can cause serious damage to people’s lives. Beyond the emotional and psychological anxiety that a victim may feel, the ripple effects can be felt among an entire community.

When a child has been sexually abused, the resulting scars can be irreversible. In some of the worst cases, a child can be driven to bouts of depression or may be so paralyzed by years or decades of guilt that he or she may resort to desperate measures in the future, such as drug addiction or suicide.

If you are a parent, you must keep an eye out for symptoms or signs of sexual abuse:

  • Unexplained behavior or irritability
  • Wetting the bed
  • Running away or wanting to run away
  • Nightmares and sleeping problems
  • Demonstrating behaviors of withdrawing from others or clinging to others
  • Changes in behavior, mood, eating habits, or personality
  • Creation of an imaginary friend
  • Physical signs of abuse, such as bruises or other marks
  • Other symptoms of anxiety, stress, or trauma

In cases involving childhood sexual abuse, the ramifications of an unspeakable tragedy can result in years of emotional and psychological trauma. Sometimes, seeing a child’s abuser put in jail does not seem to serve as complete justice for what has been done to your family.

Our skilled sexual abuse lawyers can also pursue financial compensation from the individual, school, organization, or religious entity that is responsible for the life-changing damages your child has endured.

Keeping Your Child’s Legal Exposure Minimal

We have the resources and the wherewithal to pursue satisfactory outcomes that can give innocent victims the closure that is needed to move forward. If you want a terrifying chapter of your life to close, then consult a personal injury attorney in Ventura. We can help you attain the sense of relief and closure that you deserve.

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If a Family Member was the Victim of Sexual Abuse in Ventura or Santa Barbara, Call Our Attorneys

We have handled some of the community’s highest profile litigation matters and we are fully aware of the importance of protecting your child’s privacy. We take great care while handling your legal matters. We always operate with the utmost degree of confidentiality.

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