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Juvenile Crimes

If you are a juvenile charged with a serious offense in Ventura, our team can help. We can represent minors who are expected to appear before juvenile courts. Juvenile delinquency courts are typically dedicated to adjudicating felony and misdemeanor crimes committed by individuals under 18.

In some cases, children 14 and over can be tried as adults depending on the alleged crime. Juvenile courts are not actually a part of the California criminal law system. Instead, they are a part of the civil law system in which cases are adjudicated. There are no juries in juvenile proceedings, but defendants still benefit from retaining trial lawyers to represent them against the prosecution and before judges.

Sanctions for Minors

In the juvenile courts, children are not considered guilty or innocent. Instead, if the juvenile has committed a crime and the judge is confident of this beyond a reasonable doubt, then the judge will sustain a petition for the minor. Instead of penalties, the minor is given sanctions. Sanctions are intended to rehabilitate the minor rather than punish him or her.

Some of the common sanctions for juveniles in California include:

  • Fines and restitution
  • Community service
  • Attendance at a victim impact class for offenses such as driving under the influence
  • Probation (in home or at camp)
  • Placement in a foster home
  • Commitment to the California Youth Authority (CYA)
  • Commitment to a juvenile hall, camp, or ranch

California Youth Authority

The CYA is considered California’s prison for minors. Often, the CYA takes children who are suspected of serious crimes. When a judge makes a minor a “ward of the court,” the courts then have primary responsibility for the control and treatment of that minor.

A ward of the court may still be allowed to serve probation at home. In some cases, the minor will be placed in foster care, probation camp, or group home.

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