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A quick and reliable way to gauge the abilities of your legal representation is to look at the results that attorneys at the firm have produced. How many cases has the practice successfully taken to trial? How much money has the firm obtained on behalf of clients? At The Law Offices of Bamieh & Erickson, PLC, our case results are a direct reflection of the work we do and the successes we obtain. We encourage you to take a look for yourself and see the legal feats you could be part of by working with our firm.

Case Results

People v. M. Rodriguez


Description: Retrial of September 2012 case. Client charged with murder and special circumstances.

Outcome: Judge acquit client based on a defense motion at close of the prosecution's case.

People v. F. Rodriguez


Description: Client charged with felony vehicular manslaughter.

Outcome: Judge acquit client based on a defense motion at the close of prosecution's case.

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People v. G. Cauchon


Description: Client, a local businessman, was accused of a misdemeanor battery during a work altercation. There were three witnesses.

Outcome: Jury hung 7-5 not guilty, case dismissed.

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People v. C. Parrilla


Description: Client charged with attempted murder. He was alleged to have been the person on recorded video who shot at the victim four times. DA sought 60 years to life sentence.

Outcome: Jury hung on attempted murder charge.

People v. M. Rodriguez


Description: Client charged with murder committed on behalf of street gang. At the trial, Ron established the DA influenced the accomplice to testify against the client.

Outcome: Mistrial called by judge on discovery of new evidence.

People v. E. Andrade


Description: Defendant alleged to have shot and killed a man during a robbery. Prosecution sought conviction for first degree murder and 50 years to life sentence.

Outcome: Murder charge was removed and client was convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

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People v. B. Vargas


Description: Defendant was charged with stabbing an unarmed man 17 times during a fight. Prosecution sought first degree murder conviction and 25 years to life sentence. The defense presented to jury was of imperfect self-defense, requiring voluntary manslaughter conviction.

Outcome: Defendant found not guilty of murder, convicted of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 6 years.

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People v. Vega


Description: Defendant accused of molesting two girls, both 14 years old, and charged with four felony offenses which require lifetime sexual registration.

Outcome: DA dismissed entire case after jury could not reach a verdict.

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People v. Hershel


Description: Defendant was accused of misdemeanor sexual offense on teenage boys, requiring lifetime sexual registration. Four alleged victims testified about defendant's conduct at trial. A psychological defense was presented on behalf of client.

Outcome: Defendant acquitted after jury trial.

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People v. N. Vargas


Description: Client was charged with shooting ex-wife on the couch 3 times from approximately 8 feet away, and later confessed to all of his actions.DA sought first degree murder, 50 years to life sentence. Defense presented a psychological defense to establish client's reasonable fear of ex-wife. Crime reduced to voluntary manslaughter.

Outcome: Not guilty of murder, guilty of voluntary manslaughter.

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