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As of November 5, 2014, voters passed Prop 47, making certain felonies now misdemeanors. What does this mean for you? Your felony conviction or sentence may now qualify as a misdemeanor.

Under Penal Code Section 1170.18, a person currently serving a sentence, or has completed a sentence, for a conviction of a felony violation of section 11350, 11357 or 11377 of the Health and Safety Code or section 459.5, 473, 476a, 490.2, 496 or 666 of the Penal Code may be eligible to have the felony conviction designated as a misdemeanor and/or resentenced as a misdemeanor.

You must submit a petition to the court to have your felony reduced to a misdemeanor. Call the Law Offices of Bamieh & Erickson, PLC today to find out if you qualify. We are happy to submit a petition on your behalf.

Obtaining The Right Representation

Legal matters need to be handled by professionals. If you have been severely injured because of another person's negligence or have been accused of a serious crime, you need a legal team that is honored, respected, and highly recommended in the community. At Bamieh & Erickson, we can offer you capable and caring assistance with your case.

We are knowledgeable lawyers who are focused on providing answers to your legal questions. We have represented clients against large corporations; insurance companies; city, county, and state governments; and the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church. Our founding attorney alone has 22 years of legal experience, and together we have the tools and resources to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Trial Attorneys Representing People in Our Community

When you need help with a legal matter, call us. We can answer your questions and we even have a library of free resources to help you as you work through your case. When you are looking for an attorney, you want to pick someone who will be most effective in your situation.

Choose a lawyer who is:

  • Trustworthy: Our team will be straightforward with you and let you know if we think you have a viable case at your first consultation.
  • Comfortable in the courtroom: Our team has handled thousands of cases at many different legal levels. We spend most of our days in the courtroom, so we feel very confident of our effectiveness there.
  • Highly recommended: One of the best ways to know if a lawyer is right for you is to check for client reviews. At Bamieh & Erickson, we have a 10.0 Avvo Superb Rating in part because so many clients have been pleased with Bamieh & Erickson's services.
  • Knowledgeable: Attorney Ron S. Bamieh has written a book, How to Hire a Lawyer, and has been asked to speak at dozens of different engagements throughout the state of California. He has a well-rounded understanding of personal injury and criminal defense law.
  • Successful: Our team has the results to prove our abilities. We have been able to get clients acquitted and cases dismissed in criminal defense matters. We have also achieved large settlements in personal injury cases.
  • Client centered: Our goal is to educate clients and provide resources to them for learning more if they are interested. We also keep a 24/7 hotline available for clients and are committed to listening carefully to all details of each case.

Thousands of Cases Handled

Our team of attorneys understands the nature of trial litigation. In fact, we try more cases than any other firm in Ventura County and have handled some of the largest cases in the community. We represent many of the high-profile cases in the area. In fact, we have worked on some of the most notorious criminal cases in Ventura, including three last year. We have tried more than 125 cases to jury and worked on more than 250 trials.

If you are facing false accusations in a case or if you are dealing with high medical bills after a personal injury incident, you need a team on your side. We have contingency fees available, speak English and Spanish, and offer free consultations for our clients.

Call us immediately to get the reliable representation that you deserve!

Our Client Testimonials

  • "Ron Delivers. Would Not go Anywhere Else."
  • "Always Prepared & on Top of Everything"
  • "Highly Experienced & Focused Trial Lawyer"
  • "He is a Great Lawyer& You Won't Find a Better One!"

Latest Case Results

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